In Australia – December 2013:

A project for the Bunjum Aboriginal Cooperative in Ballina 

The vision of Bunjum Co-Operative Ltd is to proactively aspire to rise above the inequalities, by maintaining our Cultural Identity and values through the provision of holistic, integrated services and programs, which enables and empowers local Aboriginal Community Members.
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In Peru – January 2012

Andrea Flach could present Work at the Clay Field to the 
Amancay Organisation, a project of local volunteers to support disabled children between the ages of 2-20 from the poorest suburbs around Lima. 

Together with two german students as translators she could work with these children at the Clay Field. More information: www.amancay-ev.org 

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International Events: Work at the Clay Field

English Publications


2014, Larsch, Oliver; Biebrach, Monika: 
Work at the Clay Field; Recognizing potential, awakening resources, furthering development. Verein fuer Gestaltbildung e.V.

2009, Deuser, Heinz:
Work at the Clay Field: Grasping what moves us: Possibilities of haptic evolvement
Set of 7 DVDs, 21 hours of Heinz Deuser teaching. German with life English translation. Purchase


2014, Elbrecht, Cornelia; Antcliff, Liz:
Being Touched through Touch:
Trauma treatment through haptic perception
at the Clay Field: A sensorimotor art therapy
. INSCAPE, International Journal of Art Therapy, 2014, Routledge

2014, Elbrecht, Cornelia: 
The Clay Field and Developmental Trauma
In: Malchiodi, Cathy Ed., Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children. The Clay Field and Developmental Trauma. Guilford Press, Pennsylvania.

2013 ANZJAT, the Australian New Zealand Journal of Arts Therapy Vol 8, No. 1, 2013, p.67 review of: Trauma Healing at the Clay Field by Maggie Wilson.

2012 Elbrecht, Cornelia: 
Trauma Healing at the Clay Field,
A Sensorimotor Art Therapy Approach. 
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London/Philadelphia. This book has been translated into Korean and a Spanish translation is underway. Look inside